Rural tourism and wild mushrooms

Let’s rediscover the Berguedà

Enjoy the wild mushroom hunting during a rural weekend

The beginning of autumn gives a very genuine landscape to the territory: forests covered with mushrooms which might end up in the baskets of the most skilled hunters. The mushroom with the most followers is the “milk cap mushroom” (Lactarius deliciosus). It is generally born in coniferous areas, where there are pine and fir trees, and often in sunny forests. That is why Berguedà, where the Pre-Pyrenees begins, is considered the region of the “lactarius deliciosus“.

« El Salt del Colom » is located in municipality of Espunyola, which in an ideal location for wild mushroom hunters. Here you can find the pleasure of spending a weekend in a rural farmhouse and the satisfaction of finding plenty of mushrooms.