Organic veal

100% from Berguedà

Our philosophy implies taking care of the environment

“El Salt del Colom” is a farmhouse where all the family is involved in the required tasks; from cultivating the land and raising the livestock to the production and distribution of the final product.

For many family generations, the way to treat animals has not changed. The land and the animals mean more than a simple job to us; it is a philosophy of respect and comradeship towards those that give the fruits of life. Our main aim is to offer the best product to end consumer with total transparency.

“Prevention and a healthy diet is the best way to raise our animals”

Calf fattening

A strong commitment with the environment
Our calves are raised in the rural property of “El Salt del Colom” and roam and eat freely in our pastures. In addition to pasture-based feeding, they take fodder and grains from organic cereals with no additives.

We cultivate the land

We cultivate the land with great care. We work every day while respecting the environment that surrounds us in order to provide the best quality products, certified by the Catalan Council of Organic Production (CCPAE).

We control the feeding

Our animals are fed with cereal, protein plants and fodder, which are harvested in our fields, to guarantee the maximum transparency of the whole feeding process.

We look after the pastures

Our livestock roam in the fields and forests of our village, L’Espunyola (in the Berguedà County). In this way, we avoid relying on products outside the region of Berguedà.

Certified organic meat

We take care of animals and respect their vital nature cycle

Certified organic veal

The term “Organic” means that in our property there is no place for synthetic chemical products, genetically modified foods (GMOs) and allopathic medicine for our animals, which are so persistent in nature and in living organisms. Only Phitotherapy medicine and preventive methods are used. 

Our products are certified with the European stamp and by the Catalan Council of Organic Production (CCPAE).

These certifications ensure that we are being subjected to a series of anual controls ensuring that the European laws and regulations of organic production are met.

We are the providers of the veal that is supplied to schools through

Organic meat from farmers and producers in the Berguedà County

With no intermediaries, we cultivate the land, feed the cattle and prepare and distribute the final product.

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Own meat processing

Tailor-made cuts and packaging

Where to find our organic products

Phone No. 0034 636 200 833

How to arrive: google maps

You can place your orders through our website, by calling us at 0034 636 200 833 or by email to All the orders gathered during the week will be served and delivered on Wednesday of the following week with our own transport.

As we have our own workroom, we work upon request to avoid remaining stocks and aso to offer highly-fresh products. We can personalise cuts and packaging to make them more practical, comfortable and sustainable for all of us!


You can pick your order up at our agroshop, where you will also find organic pork and lamb (better to order in advance), our chocolate products (chocolates, nougats, Easter cakes, etc.) and other products such as oil and wine. We hope you will love them all.